zoe_azalea park-44Popular in West Africa for generations, African Black Soap is gaining fans around the world. Gentle on the skin, with light exfoliating benefits plus antifungal and deodorizing properties, African Black Soap is great for managing eczema, thinning fine lines, leveling out dark spots, healing razor bumps, eliminating blemishes and easing scalp irritation. It can also help treat athlete’s foot and makes quick work of the kinds of body odor issues that often plague athletes and fitness buffs. Keep a bottle near the sink in your garage or work area too – it’s great for removing tough grease and oil on hard-working hands.

While the recipe changes from batch to batch, our Black Soap contains a blend of cocoa pods, plantain leaves, water and palm kernel oil. However other oils such as coconut oil may be present.

If you’ve ever experienced African Black Soap in bar format, you know it can have a rough texture. That’s why we take the time to transform this amazing cleanser into a pleasant-to-the-touch, ultra-convenient liquid formulation we know you’ll love. Available in 8 oz. and 4 oz. sizes.

This shower and gym bag essential is good for oily, dry or sensitive skin. Be warned, this soap produces a great lather, and a LITTLE goes a long way.

4 oz. bottle $7.00
8 oz. bottle $11.00