zoe_azalea park-44Popular in West Africa for generations, African Black Soap is gaining fans around the world! If you’ve ever experienced African Black Soap in bar format, you know it can have a rough texture. That’s why we take the time to transform this amazing cleanser into a pleasant-to-the-touch, ultra-convenient liquid formulation we know you’ll love. African Black Soap is gentle on the skin making it a great choice for any skin type. It softens the skin and leaves a fresh clean feeling without stripping your skin of moisture. Keep a bottle near the sink in your garage or work area too – it’s great for removing tough grease and oil on hard-working hands.

While the recipe changes from batch to batch, our Black Soap contains a blend of cocoa pods, plantain leaves, water and palm kernel oil. However other oils such as coconut oil may be present.

DIRECTIONS: Rub a small amount in palm of hands or w/ loofah or cloth to create rich lather. Use on skin and/or hair. Avoid contact with eyes.

TIP: A little goes a long way; to avoid using too much product, try opening the spout, slowly turn bottle upside down and gently shake into the palm of your hand like a salt shaker instead of squeezing bottle.

4 oz. bottle $7.00
8 oz. bottle $11.00