Is there anything a balm can’t do? Whether it’s helping prevent stretch marks, putting the kibosh on itchy bug bites, protecting your baby’s bum, “shining up” your tats or even easing nasal and chest congestion, we have the perfect balm for you! We also offer an amazing and very effective all natural deodorant.

We create our all natural balms in small batches using thoughtfully selected ingredients like organic, unrefined Shea butter, vegan friendly candelilla wax, and a wide range of essential oils, from stimulating eucalyptus to sweet lavender to earthy tea tree.

Also note that because our balms are handmade, no two jars will look exactly alike or exactly as you see them in our photos. There will be slight variations that do not effect the quality, smell, or use of the product. They will still be amazing AND that unique!

Bug Be Gone

Lip Balm

Owie Balm

Tattoo Balm

Vapor Balm